K4 Construction’s Mission Statement:

Providing a less stressful construction experience for our clients by providing superior project management.

Where K4 Construction’s services differ from the competition is the level of organization K4 brings to the project, the amount & quality of communication between K4 and the design professional and building owner, and the detailed management of the project that K4 provides. It is the ultimate compliment when K4 hears that the design professional and client are both excited that K4 Construction has been hired as the General Contractor / Construction Manager on the job!

K4 Construction has a lean overhead structure which helps reduce overall project cost for our clients. A lean overhead structure is possible by having the key players of K4 involved in the daily decisions of each and every project. A company with a leaner overhead structure is a more efficient company. K4 is able to do more work with less overhead personnel because of their dedicated, educated, motivated and PASSIONATE construction management team.